Virgin Coconut Oil: The best medicine for babies

Virgin Coconut Oil: The best medicine for babies

While virgin coconut oil has been recommended by many as it benefits health and beauty for many different purposes, few people notice that coconut oils, especially oils Pure coconut, has many benefits for young children, especially the children often suffer from skin diseases.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil for Young Children

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Virgin coconut oil suppliers are coconut oils extracted from fresh coconut and do not use any chemicals, deodorants or bleach during processing. Currently, coconut oil suppliers offer consumers many types of coconut oil ranging from brand, brand to price. Although the search for coconut oil has more options, choosing a reputable, safe and accurate coconut oil brand is virgin coconut oil that has become a matter for consumers. In addition to the beauty and health benefits often heard, many parents have chosen pure coconut oil to treat skin diseases for children. Here we will explore the benefits of pure coconut oil for young children.

The content of lauric acid and capric acid contained in coconut oil has many positive effects in promoting lauric and capric acid concentrations in breast milk. Therefore, if the child is 6 months old and starts to eat miles, she can supplement lauric acid in addition to breastfeeding by replacing the use of baby oil into coconut oil in baby food.

These natural antibiotics also have antimicrobial, fungal and anti-inflammatory properties on the skin, contributing to moisturizing the scalp and reducing hair loss in adults and the treatment of “buffalo shedding”, a universal disease. Variable is usually seen on the scalp of children 3 to 4 months, not harmful but aesthetic.

There have been controversy over the fatty acid chain in pure coconut oil or coconut products for its beneficial or detrimental effects on human health, but recent studies have shown that the chain Fatty acids in coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids, which are beneficial to health and are different from long chain fatty acids in tallow.

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These fatty acids promote the metabolism and metabolism of energy in the body, reduce the risk of stagnant fat and accumulate fat in fat cells, causing worrying overweight. in the mother. So, for breastfeeding mothers who need to add fat to both mother and child, but also about weight gain, consider using pure coconut oil in your diet. .

Diaper rash is also a common problem in young children when it comes to many teens that have not been replaced in time or because the anchor is too tight, resulting in the appearance of red spots. While many moms use a lot of creams containing chemical products that can hurt the baby’s skin, pure coconut oil has a natural origin that limits the effect of the skin on the skin. young.

Similarly, virgin coconut oil can treat exzema eczema, dryness and itchy skin in youngsters due to the sensitive nature of young skin, which often causes discomfort and may cause a scratched skin on dry skin. weightlifting, as well as skin diseases and wound healing.

For example, oral candidiasis (Candidiasis) is caused by Candida fungus causing many wounds under the white film, leading to bad breath, frequent salivation and pain. Only mothers should apply pure coconut oil to the baby’s mouth or breastfeed, with effective antibacterial properties, he or she will gradually reduce pain from the wound and relieve the ulcer.

Notes on use for young children

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Allergies when using coconut oil for children though little but not without. Due to sensitive skin and the nature of the site, there may be some cases of allergy to coconut oil products and common symptoms are rash, cough and discomfort. In case of abnormalities when used by themselves or their children, mothers should stop using the product and go to hospital for immediate treatment.

For coconut oil products, especially virgin coconut oil that you choose for the use of children should pay attention to the selection of products with reliable and high quality to ensure the safety factor. when using.

Through this article, we hope to share more information on the benefits of coconut oil, especially pure coconut oil for mothers and babies. There are a few things to keep in mind when using mothers to ensure the product is in full use and safe for children.

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