Discrepancy between Virgin coconut oil and Regular coconut oil

Discrepancy between Virgin coconut oil and Regular coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered to be a valuable soure having positive influences on people’s beauty and health. Many virgin coconut oil suppliers are what people expect sigificantly because of its nutrients contained as well as its eco-friendlier processing stages, even though virgin coconut oil is much higher than the regular coconut oil. 

A brief overview of Virgin coconut oil

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Virgin coconut oil has gained its popularity since it includes nice fragrance, taste, antioxidants, vitamins  and especially the medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). While coconut oil is not an unfamiliar name for consumers, virgin coconut oil might be the new one because it has just been concentrated by many leading virgin coconut suppliers recently. Unlike many  ordinary coconut oil producers who have an aspiration to increase sales volumes by advertising that it is the purest available form, virgin coconut oil is made in harder and more careful process.

So, what is virgin coconut oil? Virgin coconut oil is defined as the oil extracted from coconuts with having no application of heat. This kind of oil is rapidly gaining sigificant popularity throughout the world in comparison to ordinary coconut oil.

Discrepancy between Virgin coconut oil and Ordinary coconut oil

differences between virgin and regular coconut oil

There are some remarkable ways in how virgin coconut oil differs from regular coconut oil, including the physical form of the source, the method of extraction, and its subsequent benefits.

1/ Extraction methods of virgin coconut oil and regular coconut oil

In fact, the key difference between regular and virgin coconut oil reveals in the processes of their extraction.

Regarding Regular coconut oil, it is commonly extracted by cold compression/ cold milling of Copra, which is another name for dried Coconut kernels, in combination with a moisture content of roundly six percent. However, when it comes to Virgin coconut oil, it is extracted from coconut milk which is obtained from fresh coconuts.

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Then, by applying processes namely fermentation, churning ( or centrifugal separation), refrigeration and the action of enzymes, the oil is separated from the water and moisture. In many cases, this fresh coconut oil is boiled to gain the oil by evaporating the water or moisture.

One noticable point is that in the virgin coconut oil case, the raw materials and the extraction process should not allow any heat participation. Hence, in good reputable suppliers that produce virgin coconut oil, utmost care is considered to make sure that the kernels and the raw material are not subjected to any heat/sunlight during the entire process. In addition, other producers are able to also generate virgin coconut oil in such a direct way by utilizing cold compression of fresh dried coconut meat, which is also called Micro-expelling.

Due to the fact that being extracted by the fermentation way causing oil to be higher moisture content and become rancid quicker, Virgin coconut oil extracted by the cold compression method is considered better.

2/ Appearance of Virgin coconut oil versus Regular coconut oil

difference in appearance between virgin and regular coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil looks slightly disparate from ordinary coconut oil owing to the existence of certain colloidal, other particles and moisture included in it. By constrast, ordinary oil normally is refined and mostly left with the fatty acids contained in it. Moreover, virgin coconut oil should be the same as clear water. Nevertheless, the color may be various minimally depending upon its processing.

3/ Virtues of Virgin coconut oil and Regular coconut oil

Reputable virgin coconut oil suppliers would give users a very good taste and smell by virtue of the derivation from fresh coconuts and being subjected to low level of heat or sunlight, also not being refined. This, in turn, helps to preserve all the natural merits of this oil, which particularly comprises its rich content of vitamin E and minerals. Inversely, normal coconut oil during processes namely heating, filtration, refining, and bleaching, tends to remover all of those nutrients and make it colorless and odorless. Additionally, virgin coconut oil can also play the role as moiturizer inasmuch as the number of antioxidant properties are many higher than those contained in ordinary coconut oil.

difference in virtues between virgin and normal coconut oil

Above are some shared information about differences bewtween Virgin coconut oil and ordinary coconut oil. Even though brand-trustworthy virgin coconut oil suppliers offers high-cost for their virgin products, it is believed that they will bring more benefits and values for users compared to the normal coconut oil products. Hope you find useful information!